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  • 26.10.2021

    Giving “thanks” to automation

    “Mahalo” is Hawaiian for “thank you”. It is also the name that SESAR JU partners have given to their project on how to best introduce automation into air traffic management. As Stefano Bonelli, MAHALO coordinator explains, the choice of name captures both the technical description and creative spirit behind a project, which aims to make AI-enabled agents “team-players” that are capable of cooperating fully with air traffic controllers rather than just  “black boxes” that output solutions when and where necessary.

  • 17.03.2021

    AI, boosting safety and resilience in aviation

    There is growing pressure on the ATM system to become more cost efficient and at the same time manage traffic that is set to become more complex and diversified. All the while maintaining the already high levels of safety! This sounds like a bit of conundrum, but it is one that can be solved with the help of artificial intelligence, explains Paula López-Catalá from Innaxis from the recently started SafeOPs project.

  • 27.09.2021

    Shining a light on resilience and safety in air traffic management

    It is perhaps fitting that SESAR JU partners chose the Spanish word for lighthouse, FARO, as the name for their project. As Christian Verdonk Gallego, FARO Project Manager from CRIDA, explains, the project is hoping to shine a light on how changes in air traffic management systems can impact safety and resilience.

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