SESAR Innovation Pipeline

The SESAR 3 JU has created an innovation pipeline through which promising ideas are explored and then moved out of the ‘lab’ into real operations. The pipeline consists of four distinct strands:


Exploratory Research

Explores new concepts beyond those identified in the European ATM Master Plan or emerging technologies and methods. Discover Exploratory research projects

Industrial Research and Validation

Assesses and validates technical and operational concepts in simulated and real operational environments. This process transforms concepts into SESAR Solutions. Discover Industrial research and validation projects

Digital Sky Demonstrators

Test SESAR Solutions on a much larger scale and in real operations. Discover current Large Scale Demonstrators

Fast-track innovation and uptake

Accelerates the development of high risk/high gain projects with the perspective of shortening the time to market for disruptive and highly innovative solutions. 


SESAR innovation pipeline - 2021 highlights

The SESAR Joint undertaking has published highlights of the SESAR 2020 programme and innovation pipeline, providing a summary of projects behind the acronyms and and results over the last 12 months!

The brochure details work that has been launched as well as some of the results stemming from all three strands of research in the SESAR Innovation Pipeline, namely exploratory research, industrial research and large-scale demonstration. The publication also updates readers on the status of research done to date on U-space, the European Commission’s initiative for the safe and secure integration of drones in Europe.

The brochure shows, that despite the COVID pandemic, the projects experienced minimal delays and were able to adapt their validation schedules and set-up to continue their research and innovation activities.

SESAR Solutions

SESAR Solutions refer to new or improved operational procedures or technologies that aim to contribute to the modernisation of the European and global ATM system.  Framed within the European ATM Master Plan, these solutions address all parts of the ATM value chain, from airports, air traffic services to the network, as well as the underlying systems architectures and technological enablers, which are validated in real day-to-day operations.