Third CORUS workshop

  • 2nd of April
    5th of April, 2019
  • Ciampino , Italy
  • Map

The third CORUS Workshop will comprise three events:

ConOps Presentation - 2nd April 
A presentation of the CORUS Concept of Operation to the U-space Community Network. This one day aims to be a comprehensive presentation of the recently released second iteration of the CORUS ConOps for U-space. Starting with an overview, different speakers will explain different parts of the ConOps so that by the end of the day attendees should have a good understanding of the ConOps.
Attendees will be able to submit comments and suggestions electronically during the workshop and afterwards.

The U-space Big Picture – 3rd  April
Many U-space projects are currently busy exploring technical enablers for U-space, on aspects such Detect and Avoid, Security, Tracking, Aeronautical Information and others. On the 3rd April a number of them will present their initial findings and explain how their work relates to the CORUS ConOps.

CORUS ConOps Expert Review – 4th and 5th (morning) April
This event is open to those who have submitted written comments on the second version of the CORUS ConOps - which will be released on the 1st of March. The exact agenda of the event will depend on the comments received. These comments will be grouped into themes and those causing the least agreement or strongest reaction will be prioritized for discussion. The event is open to anyone who sends written comments by the 14th March.  

The workshop is constructed as three events to allow attendees to optimise their time by only attending parts that interest them

  • If you are interested to hear what is in the second version of the ConOps and have a chance to react, then the first event (2nd April) is for you. To have a more complete picture of how U-space will work you should also attend the second event (3rd April).
  • If you are already interested in U-space and have been following the CORUS work, or are part of CORUS Advisory Board, or are a member another U-space project, then we invite you to block some time in the first two weeks of March in your calendar.     
  • We will release the second version of the ConOps on the 1st of March by email to the U-space Community Network members. You should send written comments by the 14th March in order to be invited to the third event (4th and 5th – morning - of April). If you have the time, we would recommend that you also attend the second event on the 3rd April to understand how the ConOps relates to the technical enablers.
  • Anyone who feels very enthusiastic about U-space is welcome to attend all three events.
  • If you are a member of the other U-space Projects, we invite you to contact us to discuss presenting on the Big-Picture day. You are also welcome to participate to any of the three events.

If you are interested to be kept informed, please join the U-space Community Network by writing to