Composite cooperative surveillance ADS-B/WAM is a system that exploits the similarities between the two surveillance techniques and combines them into a single system. ADS-B information received by WAM system is evaluated and if matching with WAM information extracted by others methods, then it is used in the WAM output. Information is then periodically re-evaluated.

SESAR developed Solution #114 "Composite cooperative surveillance automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast/Wide area multilateration (ADS-B/WAM)" allows the use of ADS-B data that has been validated against data derived in parallel by a WAM system, the system can help to reduce the number of interrogations and number of replies and therefore reduce the 1030/1090 MHz radio frequency (RF) load and improve spectrum efficiency. It achieves this through the integration of validated data items into the WAM channel, thereby preventing a need to re-interrogate
the data item.

This SESAR solution #114 is now implemented in Armenia, Austria, Latvia and planned in Denmark, France, Lihuania, Latvia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Poland.