Flight trials by SESAR JU members and partners in Italy have demonstrated how instrument flight rules (IFR) procedures designed specifically for rotorcraft can enable their access to airports without impacting fixed-wing commercial traffic. The flight trials were conducted by ENAV (the Italian ANSP - Air Navigation Service Provider), in collaboration with LEONARDO Helicopters Division within the framework of SESAR 2020 project on enhanced runway throughput (PJ.02 EARTH).

By introducing an independent IFR procedure for rotorcraft on final approach and take-off, both aircraft types can fly simultaneous non-interfering (SNI) operations. The independent procedure relies on performance-based navigation – specifically, required navigation performance (RNP) - to reach a point-in-space (PinS) to access the final approach and takeoff area.

This solution is part of the SESAR project PJ02 EARTH "Increased Runway and Airport Throughput’" and was demonstrated in Milan Malpensa airport