• 14 of December, 2020
    14:30 > 16:00
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This is the last of 3 webinars in our series of smart and sustainable solutions for greener ATM. This webinar provided an overview of SESAR solutions that enable environmental efficiency gains in the en-route stage of flight. More specifically, the webinar :

  • Provided an update on the latest SESAR research results on free route, which will make it possible for the flexibility and benefits of free route to be available even in the most complex and dense areas of European en-route airspace.
  • Explored how ongoing SESAR research is building on completed SESAR 1 solutions to develop technical systems in support of operational concepts that will allow a more flexible civil-military cooperation, which will maximise the use of airspace,.
  • Showcased SESAR-funded exploratory research into concepts that will make it possible to dramatically reduce the contribution of aviation to climate change by avoiding flying in the areas of the airspace where meteorological conditions would make aviation emissions particularly harmful.
  • And finally, updated the audience about the latest research on the potential application to aviation of wake-energy retrieval - a phenomenon observed in migrating birds such as geese, which fly in a “V” shape to save energy and benefit from the air upwash of the leader.

FRA in upper airspace, high and very-high complexity
Florence Serdot-Omer, ATM expert, DSNA
Max Canham, OPS development, Skyguide

Civil military cooperation
Yevgen Pechenik, Airspace Configurations, EUROCONTROL
Remus Lacatus, Senior Military ATM Expert, EUROCONTROL

Climate efficiency beyond CO2: Contrails and more
Sigrun Matthes, Project Coordinator, DLR

Wake energy retrieval
Nick Macdonald, Project Leader, Airbus

Key takeaways and next steps
Philippe Lenne, Aviation Sustainability Programme Manager, SESAR JU

Moderated by Olivia Nunez, ATM Expert SESAR JU

Q&A session

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