• 3 of November
    4 of November, 2022
  • Centro Congressi Cavour
    Rome , Italy
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Six exploratory SESAR exploratory research projects are organising a joint event to present the latest developments in relation to drones and artificial intelligence.

This in-person event will take place in Rome (Italy) on 3-4 November, bringing together INVIRCAT, URClearED, SAFELAND, SafeOPS, MAHALO and ARTIMATION, which researched these two topics over the last two years and a half.

The event particularly relative to stakeholders working in the fields RPAS/drones, AI and automation, and aviation-related activities. For example:

  • Regulators
  • U-space and unmanned aircraft systems- related service providers
  • Controllers
  • Pilots
  • Research and academia
  • Experts of Artificial Intelligence and automation


Download the agenda

More information: https://www.invircat.eu/post/rpas-and-ai-in-aviation

Registration closes on 28 October