• SJU reference # PJ.02-W2-21.3 /Release 10
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  • Benefits Human performance
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Digital surface management for airport vehicles

This Solution was formerly part of PJ.03a-01-W1

In an optimised surface management environment, actors, including vehicles, are nodes of a unique complex airport system that enable the seamlessly exchange of information. Datalink processes and technologies offer streamlined and error-proof digital means for creating such a communication channel between tower controllers and vehicle drivers, both for traffic separation purpose and for guidance, even in demanding traffic or adverse weather situations.

The solution exploits the extension of datalink-based information sharing of requests, ordered and assigned missions (routes) operations to vehicles. Vehicles are seen as additional users of the control and guidance services, and this solution supports ATC and drivers in challenging operating environments, such as peak hours and/or low visibility conditions. 

Routes can be consumed on board the vehicle so that vehicle drivers can have constant visual access to mission information in a digital format. 

Benefits are foreseen in terms of less communication workload on the ATC frequency, simultaneous handling of different dialogues and reduced probability of miscommunication, increased situational awareness of all human actors and increased safety.


Enhanced safety

Improved human performance