• SJU reference # PJ.03a-01 /Release 2019
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A moving map improves vehicle driver awareness

Reduced visibility on the airport surface impacts the safety and efficiency of vehicles operating in both the apron and manoeuvring area. The high-level objective for this candidate solution is to increase vehicle drivers’ situational awareness by providing them with supplementary guidance means in all weather conditions.

The solution includes the provision, via the routing and guidance service, of enhanced guidance assistance. Dynamic traffic context information including status of runways and taxiways, obstacles and route is displayed to the vehicle driver by application of an airport moving map and guidance is automatically shown as a graphical path to be followed.

The expected benefits include a more comfortable and expedite driving experience for vehicle drivers in both the apron and manoeuvring area. Safety will benefit from the visual information shown to the driver, which is supplementary to voice communication.


  • Improved efficiency
  • Enhanced safety