• SJU reference # PJ.18-02b /Release 9
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  • Benefits Cost-efficiency
  • Status In the pipeline
  • Maturity Level V3/TRL6

Towards seamless operations

An essential component of the future system is ground-to-ground interoperability (IOP), a solution designed to enable the swift and seamless exchange of flight trajectory information in real time between Europe’s network of air traffic control centres.

This solution addresses a frequent problem that affects Europe’s air traffic, whereby flights crossing borders or different airspace sectors have to adjust their trajectory or speed to avoid conflicts with other aircraft. The problem is caused largely by en-route control centres sharing information in a sequential way and updating the trajectory information. 

With this solution, control centres involved in the management of a flight can share reliable, complete and updated flight trajectory information from take-off to landing, taking into account any existing and shared internal restrictions in the airspaces that the flight will cross. 

The solution will also help carry out the ATC process “quietly”, without the need for the air traffic controller to coordinate with his/her counterparts in adjacent centres by phone. For this purpose, and implementing the “flight object” concept, all control centres share the same information and have the possibility to request changes to flight trajectories in real time. 

The end goal is to attain a smoother control process, which will improve the efficiency of air traffic control in Europe and make it possible to manage more flights with greater precision and punctuality, offering cost savings to airlines, reductions in CO2 emissions and ultimately providing a better service for passengers.

The solution, which is linked to ED133A standard is available for industrialisation and implementation. 


Increased predictability

Increased cost efficiency

Improved fuel efficiency


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