• SJU reference # PJ.14-W2-84f /Release 10
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  • Benefits Cost-efficiency
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Surveillance performance monitoring – end-to-end

This Solution was formerly  part of PJ.14-04-01-W1

Many new surveillance systems such as wide area multilateration (WAM), multi-static primary surveillance radar (MSPSR), multilateration (MLAT), and space-based ADS-B provide lower cost alternatives to legacy cooperative and non-cooperative surveillance sensors. However, classical test methods and tools are not suitable for these new surveillance technologies. SESAR 2020 is developing new surveillance safety and performance requirements in line with performance-based surveillance (PBS) approach that can be applied regardless of the technology being monitored.

Employing the PBS approach, this candidate solution aims to enable improved performance monitoring of surveillance systems by developing specifications for tools used for surveillance performance monitoring (SPM). These tools can be applied to the surveillance chain at “end-to-end” just before the controller working position. The research aims to harmonise the specifications for these tools to match existing or developing surveillance standards (e.g. EUROCAE ED-129, ED-142, ED-261) and specifications (e.g. EUROCONTROL specification for ATM surveillance system performance - ESASSP).

The candidate solution is expected to enhance safety, capacity and security though the early detection of degradation trends as a result of real-time monitoring, and contribute to cost efficiency through harmonisation of common tools amongst a larger user community. The findings of this research will provide input to standards and safety regulations for surveillance systems and surveillance evaluation tools in cooperation with EUROCAE.


Improved cost efficiency

Increased interoperability