Research Questions

How can strategic slot allocation be addressed?

Research Scope

The project addresses demand and capacity management at congested airports, focusing on market-based mechanisms for the strategic allocation of airport capacity. Market mechanisms are expected to provide the right incentives for a more efficient use of the available capacity, but they also raise a number of concerns, from the potentially negative impact on airline operating costs to cases of market failures. There is therefore, a need for a comprehensive assessment of different market designs for slot allocation.

In this project there are some considerations about the conditions to be met by a performance framework to allow a sound comparative evaluation of different slot allocation mechanisms, that outline a preliminary proposal for a set of performance areas and indicators, and discuss the potential impact of different possible reforms of the slot allocation system.

The project will propose a set of indicators aimed at covering each performance area in an objective and measurable way, and we discuss the potential impact of different possible reforms.

Expected Results

Far from being exhaustive and definitive, the project represents a first approach aimed at conveying some general reflections with a view to establishing a comprehensive framework for performance assessment.

It is expected that further steps will be required to involve completing and refining the proposed framework through: (i) consultation with stakeholders, (ii) formalization of several market approaches to airport slot allocation, (iii) development of a simulated test bed based on agent-based computational economics to evaluate the proposed market designs along the specified performance areas.