Research Questions

How to create the right environment to generate a successful introduction of the new air traffic management technologies?

What are the costs and benefits of different introduction scenarios and how does this relate to the ex-ante computations of the fully coordinated adoption assumed in several macro-economic assessments of SESAR? What financial regulation schemes for ANSPs are best suited for the introduction of the new technologies?,

Research Scope

ACCHANGE believes that a possible different organization of ATM can trigger an endogenous process for the introduction of the new technologies and services.

Economic research on air traffic management is scarce. Applying economic models and economic theory to the development of the sector and to the introduction of new technologies, is not unique, but there exist only a limited number of scientific publications. Main novelties are the endogenous introduction process of the new technologies and the use of the parallel with liberalization (unbundling) of other public monopolies. This approach is new when applied to the ATM sector, where synchronized introduction and central steering for technological innovation is the main idiom.

Expected Results

Furthermore, from the research it is expected to draw ideas and lessons of possible developments of ATM. As there will be a set of scenarios which will from other sectors and apply them both qualitatively and quantitatively. Therefore, for each scenario the cost and benefits for the different stakeholders will be analyzed.