Research Questions

Using a probabilistic capacity forecast, will stakeholders be able to respond better to changes in airport capacity?

Research Scope

The ACF project will investigate the use of forecast information on airport capacity. Airport capacity can be stated in terms of air traffic movements or passenger throughput, knowing these values is a key issue. Capacity is limited by the weakest link in the capacity chain: airport operations consist of a complex network of actors and the actor that provides the lowest capacity is the one that most influences the total chain capacity. When a limitation in capacity occurs somewhere in the chain it is important to inform all actors in good time so that processes can be adapted accordingly.

The project investigates current and forecast airport capacity (up to 48 hours ahead) and their effects on airport stakeholders’ business processes. The objective is to increase predictability of the operations. Airport stakeholders will be able to better plan their resources and cope with forecasted capacity shortfalls. Relevant use cases that will be elaborated first are: the use of runways, de-icing and snow removal, and security. Special situations such as adverse meteorological conditions (strong wind and snow) and strikes will also be investigated.

Expected Results

The research will move the automation of airport operations to a higher level to enable planning with stakeholders able to better oversee operations than is currently possible.