Research Questions

How do different levels of automation in ATM impact human interaction?, How does automation impact on roles and responsibilities in the different environments selected?, What requirements are needed to promote the acceptance of high levels of automation in the ATM environment?

Research Scope

ADAHR project is about research into high levels of automation, up to and including full automation, and its impact in all possible actors. The project assesses the human factors aspects in the future operational environment where automation has reached a high level of implementation. To perform this assessment, the ATM-innovative validation technique so called “Gaming” is applied. Gaming techniques are essentially human-in-the-loop activities. As an outcome of the Gaming Exercises scenarios a better definition of the different roles and responsibilities were performed and recommendations regarding transition problems and when to deploy the automation will be proposed

Research Results

The quantitative assessment performed by ADAHR provided results about the improvement of group performance at a cost of the individual one when higher Levels of Automation (LoA). The changed roles and responsibilities thus assisted the group but not the individual to gain better performance. This assessment provided an interesting result about the influence of conscientiousness on the individual performance throughout the increasing LoA. In these timeframes, this personality trait and user acceptance contributed more to the prediction of performance.