Research Questions

How can serious games be used to support the process of change in ATM?

Research Scope

The European ATM system is continuously challenged to improve efficiency, reduce cost and increase safety. To address the high expectations, significant changes to the ATM system are necessary, both to the technical and non‐technical parts of the system. The SESAR project is one of the main drivers behind this process. To ensure sufficient support from the relevant stakeholders for the proposed changes, it is important that they fully understand the impact on various parameters related to the ATM system (e.g. cost, performance, effectiveness, legal) from various perspectives. A profound understanding of a complex system leads to more efficient development, thus contributing to shortening development cycles.

The AeroGame project will identify promising applications of serious gaming in the ATM domain, with the focus on advancing the process of change of the ATM system and the project aims to advance the complex process of change in ATM using serious gaming as a tool.

The AeroGame project will select a few challenges within the ATM domain that will be addressed using serious games. These games will then be developed and evaluated using a validation plan. Conclusions will be drawn about the applicability of serious games in these areas. In addition an implementation manual will be created to allow other parties to use the experience of the project team to apply serious games in ATM.

Expected Results

The results of AeroGame are expected to provide a new tool to advance the change processes in ATM. This is achieved by developing one or two games that will show how serious games can support the development of a roadmap for a change process that is supported by all relevant stakeholders.