Research Questions

How can the consequences of automation degradation on ATM performance be understood, modelled, and estimated? What is the support to be provided for the containment of automation degradation?

Research Scope

The aim of SPAD is to support the understanding, modelling, and estimation of automation degradation and of its consequences on ATM performances. It also aims to support an effective intervention to contain it.

Research Results

The approach adopted by SPAD is to use a Federation of models tuned and adapted through a set of case studies. Each model investigates a specific aspect of the ATM system, and the information they provide are then integrated for an overall system analysis and evaluation. The case studies evidenced how the Federation can provide very good support in the analysis of automation degradation and in the identification of containment measures. However, models require a significant human contribution with limited support by application tools, and the integration of the information provided by the models shall be managed by the analyst. For this reason the best use of the Federation is for off line analysis of systems (e.g. in support to safety assessment), while it is difficult to use it for a real time control of automation degradation.