The Digital Sky Challenge?

For the first time, an unprecedented number of aviation partners joined forces from December 2-4 at Athens international airport to bring you the Digital Sky Challenge: a 48-hour innovation sprint aiming to create new digital technologies that will help meet the future needs of the European aviation system in terms of capacity, safety, efficiency, and environmental impact.

New digital solutions were developed in 3 key areas:


ENVIRONMENT (Challenge 2)

SAFETY (Challenge 3)

Digital sky challenge - WINNERS 2019

Congratulations to our 2019 winners! These were the awesome projects that were awarded prizes during the SESAR Innovation Days Networking Dinner ceremony in Athens on December 4th.

Challenge 1 - Passenger experience: INNOV'ATM Creating an API to provide: zen indicator, information about position of passengers, itinerary to the gate and estimates of bottlenecks; List of passenger at risk for boarding per flight; Post ops data to help airports optimise operational bottleneck
Challenge 2 - Environment: Ecotravelers Supporting eco-friendly travelers by providing awareness and opportunities to choose easily the greenest realistic option based on CO2 emissions computed on real data.
Challenge 3 - Safety: JBM Using algorithms on data from ADS-B radars and historical data of incidents, detect safety incidents and through our methods, predict similar incidents and try to avoid them