• SJU reference # PJ.14-02-02 /Release 2019
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  • Benefits Cost-efficiency
  • Status In the pipeline

Communication systems on board the most recent commercial satellite systems offer new capabilities to support airspace management communication needs. SESAR 1 successfully tested a secure satellite-based air traffic
services datalink (SatCom Class B), using the Iris Precursor, which takes advantage of IP-based broadband to provide secure and high-bandwidth cockpit communications to exchange flight information and trajectory data with the ground.

Complementary to this and as an element of the FCI, SESAR’s is researching satellite datalink technology
for the continental and oceanic regions including digital voice (long-term SatCom), to support the ATM concept in the 2020+ timeframe. In this respect, SESAR partners are working closely with European Space Agency (ESA) to ensure that communications services evolve to accommodate future communications requirements.

SJU references: #PJ.14-02-02/Wave 2


  • Enhanced safety, security
  • Increased cost efficiency
  • Greater global interoperability