• SJU reference # PJ.05-W2-97.3 /Release 10
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  • Benefits Cost-efficiency
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Innovative data input reduces workload in the tower

The rise of multi-touch technology such as tablets or smart phones has heralded a new form of data input methods which are in some cases preferred to traditional input devices. This technology demonstrates faster input methods including ‘one-touch’ clearance or graphical routing via touch opportunities. The technology also allows for the exploitation of more complex tools such as map manipulation directly via touch inspired by mobile mapping apps and gestures recognition for tactical inputs that can enhance usability and controller productivity.

SESAR is examining the application of multi-touch for the controller working position (CWP) in the control tower. The innovative technology uses a touchscreen as a new means of interaction with the traffic situation display (TSD), replacing or complementing the mouse, replacing the keyboard with a virtual keyboard, and introducing a new human machine interface (HMI) concept with touch events and gestures. As a result of multi-touch, controller data inputs into the system could become faster and more efficient without increasing the failure rate.

Further concept development includes investigating the use of gesture language for ATM, which may lead to further interaction efficiencies, for example through swiping, pinching and multi-finger gestures. The solution improves CWP usability, reduces mental workload and increases task efficiency.


Increased efficiency

Improved human performance