• SJU reference # PJ.14-04-01 /Release 2019
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Surveillance plays a crucial role in ensuring airspace safety, security, capacity and efficiency. To ensure accuracy and reliability, each surveillance system needs to be tested at regular intervals to detect degradation trends early in the process. Performance assessment takes place at both individual sensor level and at data processing level in line with European safety requirements. New surveillance systems such as wide area multilateration (WAM), multi-static primary surveillance radar (MSPSR), multilateration (MLAT), and space-based ADS-B, are not all compatible with classical test methods and tools.
SESAR is working on new surveillance safety and performance requirements to establish baseline performance-based surveillance (PBS) criteria, in a similar way to performance- PBN requirements. This candidate solution will contribute to cost efficiency through harmonisation of common tools amongst a larger user community, and will also enhance safety, capacity and security though the early detection of degradation trends as a result of real-time monitoring. The findings of the PBS research will be used to update existing standards and safety regulations for surveillance systems and surveillance evaluation tools in cooperation with European standards agency EUROCAE.

SJU references: #PJ.14-04-01/Wave 2


  • Enhanced safety, security resiliency
  • Interoperability
  • Increased cost efficiency
  • Optimised capacity