The objective of SESAR is to modernise European ATM by defining, developing and delivering new or improved technologies and procedures (SESAR Solutions).

SESAR Lifecycle: The three phases


The European ATM Master Plan is the European planning tool for defining ATM modernisation priorities and ensuring that SESAR Solutions become a reality. Both pragmatic and ambitious in its design, the Plan provides a high-level view of what is needed in order to deliver the vision of high- performing aviation system for Europe by 2035 and beyond.


SESAR has created an innovation pipeline through which promising ideas are explored and then moved out of the ‘lab’ into real operations. The pipeline consists of exploratory research and industrial research projects, validations and large-scale demonstrations. The end-products are operational and technical solutions, known as SESAR Solutions, which are delivered ready for industrialisation.


SESAR Solutions are being implemented either to answer local needs or in a synchronised and coordinated many in order to deliver a maximum of Europe-wide benefits.