Discover SESAR


As the technological pillar of Europe’s ambitious Single European Sky (SES) initiative, SESAR is the mechanism which  coordinates and concentrates all EU research and development (R&D) activities in ATM, pooling together a wealth of experts to develop the new generation of ATM. 

In 2007, the SESAR Joint Undertaking was set up in order to manage this large scale and truly international public-private partnership.

Today, the SESAR JU unites around 3,000 experts in Europe and beyond.


Air traffic management (ATM) is an essential part of European air transport and aviation, connecting cities and people as well as boosting jobs and growth.  

While unseen and unnoticed by passengers, ATM plays several specific and important roles:

  • Acts as a guardian of safety
  • Connects European cities and Europe with the rest of the world
  • Addresses climate change by enabling green and efficient routes
  • Maximises current infrastructure while delivering advanced information services
  • Acts as a catalyst for Europe’s competitiveness and innovative capacity

However, Europe’s ATM system is based on ageing technology and procedures and needs updating.

This is where SESAR comes in.

As one of the most innovative infrastructure projects ever launched by the European Union, SESAR’s role is to define, develop and deploy what is needed to increase ATM performance and build Europe’s intelligent air transport system.