Today, access to the airspace and the management of air traffic rely on principles and technology that were developed 40 years ago.

Furthermore, the current system is fragmented across national borders, poorly automated and connected, resulting in many inefficiencies and a lack of readiness to cope with the expected evolution of air traffic.

Building the right infrastructure to support operations will be critical in harnessing the potential of the sector.

SESAR aims to transform European ATM into a more modular, automated, interoperable, flight and flow-centric system that takes advantage of advances in digital and virtualisation technologies.

In this new ATM ecosystem, all categories of air vehicles from drones, general aviation, and business aviation to commercial and military aircraft will be safely integrated.

Airports will be fully integrated into the ATM network level, which will facilitate and optimise airspace user operations.

The vision will be realised across the entire ATM system, offering improvements at every stage of the flight.


SESAR Benefits

SESAR benefits all EU Member States and extends beyond the air transport industry