Administrative Board Meetings

Find hereafter the minutes and decisions of the SESAR JU Administrative Board

Meeting Minutes

23/06/21 ADB053
06/05/21 ADB052
15/12/20 ADB051
08/10/20 ADB050
07/05/20 ADB049
17/10/19 ADB048
10/10/19 ADB047
07/05/19 ADB046
12/12/18 ADB045
18/10/18 ADB044
03/05/18 ADB043
14/12/17 ADB042
19/10/17 ADB041
05/05/17 ADB040
15/12/16 ADB038
20/10/16 ADB037
28/04/16 ADB036
15/12/15 ADB035
23/10/15 ADB034
25/06/15 ADB033
11/12/14 ADB032
23/10/14 ADB031
26/06/14 ADB030
25/02/14 ADB029
12/12/13 ADB028
30/10/13 ADB027
27/06/13 ADB026
14/03/13 ADB025
19/12/12 ADB024
26/10/12 ADB023
03/07/12 ADB022
29/03/12 ADB021
15/12/11 ADB020
17/11/11 ADB019
01/07/11 ADB018
29/03/11 ADB017
14/12/10 ADB016
19/10/10 ADB015
12/07/10 ADB014
30/04/10 ADB013
14/12/09 ADB012
24/09/09 ADB011
12/06/09 ADB010
26/03/09 ADB009
01/12/08 ADB008
03/07/08 ADB007




ADB(D)20-2021 adopting the Single Programming Document 2022-2024
ADB(D)16-2021 adopting the second amended version of the Single Programming Document 2021-2023
ADB(D)14-2021 EC Ad Interim
ADB(D)13-2021 Opinion on the SJU final annual accounts 2020
ADB(D)12-2021 approving the text for the Vacancy Notice for the recruitment of SESAR 3 executive director
ADB(D)11-2021 adopting the consolidated annual activity report 2020
ADB(D10-2021 Appointment of Vice-Chair
ADB(D)09-2021 adopting the first amended version of the Single Programming Document 2021-2023 Amendment
ADB(D)08-2021 Value of IKC and voting rights
ADB(D)04-2021 Approving the revised SESAR JU organisational chart
ADB(D)02-2021 Endorsing the draft Single Programming Document 2022-2024
ADB(D)01-2021 IAC annual plan
ADB(D)16-2020 Amending decision on pension rights
ADB(D)15-2020 Amending decision on leave
ADB(D)14-2020 adopting the Single Programming Document 2021-2023
ADB(D)13-2020 Approval of SESAR JU Annual Accounts 2019 
ADB(D)12-2020 Adopting the third amended version of the Single Programming Document 2020-2022
ADB(D)11-2020 On the maximum duration for the recourse to non-permanent staff
ADB(D)10-2020 Opinion on SJU final annual accounts 2019
ADB(D)09-2020 Early repayment of the excess financial contributions received from SESAR JU members involved in SESAR JU first mandate ('SESAR 1') (document without annexes)
ADB(D)08-2020 adopting the CAAR 2019
ADB(D)07-2020 Adopting the second amended version of the Single Programming Document 2020-2022
ADB(D)06-2020 Appointment of the Board's Vice-Chairperson
ADB(D)05-2020 Value of IKC and voting rights allocation 
ADB(D)04-2020 Adoption of the SJU Anti-Fraud Strategy 2020-2022 
ADB(D)03-2020 Adopting the first amended version of the Single Programming Document 2020-2022
ADB(D)02-2020 Endorsing draft SPD 2021-2023
ADB(D)01-2020 Approval of the IAC Annual Audit Plan 2020
ADB(D)24-2019 Adopting the Single Programming Document 2020-2022
ADB(D)23-2019 Approval of the ATM MP 2020 (002)
ADB(D)22-2019 Decision on Annual Accounts 2018 - SJU annual accounts 2018
ADB(D)21-2019 SESAR Joint Undertaking Financial Rules
ADB(D)20-2019 Specific Amendment Procedure on Budgetary Grounds for SESAR2020 IR-VLD Wave 2 Actions
ADB(D)13-2019 Adopting the third amended SESAR JU SPD 2019-2021Single Programming Document 2019-2021 (third amendment - July 2019)
ADB(D)12-2019 CAAR 2018 - CAAR 2018 document  
ADB(D)11-2019 Approving the Revised SESAR JU Organisation Chart
ADB(D)10-2019 Appointment of Board's vice chairperson
ADB(D)09-2019 Voting rights allocation
ADB(D)08-2019 Adopting the second amended SPD 2019-2021
ADB(D)07-2019 Decision on validation of IKOP 
ADB(D)06-2019 Decision on function of advisor
ADB(D)05-2019 Decision on middle management staff
ADB(D)04-2019 Decision on temporary occupation of management position
ADB(D)03-2019 Approval of the annual audit plan 2019
ADB(D)02-2019 Adopting the first amended SPD 2019-2021
ADB(D)01-2019 approving the draft SPD 2020-2022
ADB(D)19-2018 - SPD 2019-2021 (approved initial version but superseded since by three newer versions)
ADB(D)18-2018 Approval of SJU accounts 2017   SJU annual accounts 2017
ADB(D)17-2018 Guarantee fund
ADB(D)16-2018 ADB Rules of Procedure - Rules of Procedures 2018
ADB(D)15-2018 Budget result
ADB(D)14-2018 Final Annual Accounts 2017
ADB(D)13-2018 Setting up a staff committee
ADB(D)12-2018 Guidelines on whistleblowing
ADB(D)11-2018 CAAR 2017 - CAAR document
ADB(D)10-2018 Appointment of the Board's Vice-Chairperson
ADB(D)09-2018 Voting rights allocation
ADB(D)08-2018 Request on the non-application of Commission rules
ADB(D)07-2018 SJU decision on missions
ADB(D)06-2018 Thresholds for reporting on In-Kind Contributions
ADB(D)05-2018 Approval of the IAC Annual Audit Plan 2018
ADB(D)04-2018 Amendment Budget 2018 - SJU Single Programming Document 2018
ADB(D)03-2018 Adopting the final list of the SJU foreground
ADB(D)02-2018 ATM Master Plan drone roadmap
ADB(D)01-2018 SPD 2019-2021 for submission to the Commission, the European Parliament and the Council (doc superseeded by the final version)
ADB(D)21-2017 - SJU Single Programming Document 2018 - superseded by the final approved version (2.0)
ADB(D)20-2017 - SJU Annual Accounts 2016
ADB(D)19-2017 - amendment to Annex II “Budget 2017” of the amended consolidated SESAR JU Single Programming Document 2017-2019
ADB(D)18-2017  - SPD 2017 amendment n.1
ADB(D)17-2017 SJU Policy vs harassment
ADB(D)16-2017 Final Accounts 2016 and budget results - SJU Annual accounts 2016
ADB(D)15-2017 Appraisal of CA signed
ADB(D)14-2017 Appraisal of TA after comments DG Mo....
ADB(D)13-2017 Opt out maximum duration non permanent staff 
ADB(D)12-2017 Unpaid leave
ADB(D)10-2017  Delegating to the ED power to make amendments to the SPD
ADB(D)09-2017 CAAR 2016
ADB(D)08-2017  SESAR 1 Foreground Porcess (IPRs)
ADB(D)07-2017 SJU rules on secondment of SJU Selected Members staff
ADB(D)06-2017 Appointment of the Board's Vice-Chairman
ADB(D)05-2017 Voting rights allocation
ADB(D)04-2017 Specific Amendment Procedure on Budgetary Grounds for SESAR2020 IR-VLD Wave1 Actions
ADB(D)03-2017 Commission agreement on non-application of Commission rules
ADB(D)01-2017 Adoption AWP2017 of SJU Internal Audit Capability
ADB(D)24-2016 Methodology in-kind contributions
ADB(D)23-2016 SESAR 1 Foreground Process (IPRs)
ADB(D)22-2016 SPD 2017
ADB(D)21-2016 Annual Accounts 2015
ADB(D)20-2016 Budget 2016 amendment n.2
ADB(D)19-2016 ToR Working Groups (Committees)
ADB(D)18-2016 appointment of Accounting Officer
ADB(D)17-2016 Rules of Application of SJU Financial Rules
ADB(D)16-2016 Approval of the ATM Master Plan - Level 3
ADB(D)15-2016 ADB Rules of Procedure
ADB(D)14-2016 allocation of voting rights in the ADB SESAR 2020
ADB(D)13-2016 on voting rights in the ADB
ADB(D)12-2016 Budget transfers and Amending Budget 2016
ADB(D)11-2016 AWP 2016 Amdmt 1
ADB(D)10-2016 Final Accounts and budget results
ADB(D)08-2016 SJU-ECTRL Agreement
ADB(D) 07-2016 CAAR 2015
ADB(D)xx-2016 - Single Programming Document - 2017-2019
ADB(D)06-2016 – Implementing Provisions on Temporary Agents
ADB(D)05-2016 – Allocation of voting rights
ADB(D)04-2016 – Adoption of the SJU Anti-Fraud strategy
ADB(D)03-2016 – Annual Work Programme 2015 signed - Annual Work Programme 2015 signed Amendment n.2 with Annexes
ADB(D)-02-2016 - Accession of New Members signed
ADB(D)-01-2016 - Adoption of the SJU IAC Annual Work plan signed

ADB(D)-18-2015 - Approval of the modification of the European ATM Master Plan

ADB(D)-17-2015 - Budget transfers between Title and Chapters and Revised Budget 2015 - Revised Budget 2015_Section 1 (SESAR1) - Revised Budget 2015_Section 2 (SESAR2020)

ADB(D)-16-2015 - SJU Annual accounts 2014 - ECA Report on SJU Accounts 2014

ADB(D)-15-2015 - SJU Foreground Identification Process

ADB(D)-14-2015- Budget 2016 - Annex I & II - Annex III  - Summary Schedule of Payments Budget 2016

ADB(D)-13-2015 - SJU Annual Work Programme 2016
ADB(D)-12-2015 - 2nd revision of the ex-post project audit strategy
ADB(D)-11-2015 - Annual Work Programme 2015 Amendment n.1 with Annexes
ADB(D)-09-2015 - SESAR JU Multiannual Staff Policy Plan 2016-2018
ADB(D)-08-2015 - SESAR JU Financial Rules signed
ADB(D)-07-2015 - Appintment of the Board's Vice-Chairperson signed
ADB(D)-06-2015 - Allocation of voting rights to Board Members signed
ADB(D)-05-2015 - Adoption of the "SESAR 2020 Multi-annual Work Programme". To request a copy of the Multi-annual Work Programme, complete this form
ADB(D)-03-2015 - AAR 2014 signed
ADB(D)-02-2015 - SJU ad hoc Financing Decision ER call - signed
ADB(D)-01-2015 - Adoption of the Annual Work Programme 2015 of the SJU IAC
ADB(D)18-2014 - 2014 SJU organisation chart
ADB(D)17-2014 - Appointment of the SJU Executive Director
ADB(D)16-2014 - Final Accounts 2013 and ECA Report
ADB(D)15-2014 - Budget 2015
ADB(D)14-2014 -Annual Work Programme 2015 signed - Annual Work Programme 2015 with annexes
ADB(D)13-2014 - Authorising Negotiations with candidate members
ADB(D)-12-2014 Amendments to the Annual Work Programme
ADB(D)-11-2014 Budget Transfers between Titles and Chapters and Revised Budget 2014
ADB(D)-10-2014 Authorization to disseminate SJU foreground
ADB(D)09-2014 - SESAR Joint Undertaking Multiannual Staff Policy Plan 2015-2017
ADB(D)08-2014 - Adoption of the ESSIP Plan Edition 2014
ADB(D)07-2014 - Implementing Rules Following the Adoption of the New EC Staff Regulation Applicable to the SJU as of 1 January 2014
ADB(D)06-2014 - Appointment of Accounting Officer
ADB(D)05-2014 - Authorization to use Title 3 Budget Allocation for Revised Programme Purposes
ADB(D)04-2014 - SJU Final Accounts 2013
ADB(D)03-2014 - Appointment of Board vice-Chairperson
ADB(D)02-2014 - Allocation of voting rights
ADB(D)01-2014 - Appointment of ADB Secretary ad interim
ADB(D)16-2013 - Implementation of the Staff Regulations to the SESAR Joint Undertaking
ADB(D)15-2013 – Adoption of the revised Ex-Post Project Audit Strategy of the SESAR Joint Undertaking
ADB(D)14-2013 – SESAR Joint Undertaking Financial Rules
ADB(D)13-2013 – Decision on the Report of the Executive Director on the award of the activities in the context of IBAFO III
ADB(D)12-2013 – SJU Annual Accounts 2012
ADB(D)11-2013 – Budget 2014
ADB(D)10-2013 – Budget transfers between Titles and Chapters and Revised Budget 2013
ADB(D)09-2013Annual Work Programme 2014
ADB(D)08-2013 - SJU Foreground Identification Process
ADB(D)07-2013 - Decision on the adoption of the ESSIP Plan
ADB(D)06-2013 - Appointment of the Board's chairperson
ADB(D)05-2013 - Appointment of the Board's secretary
ADB(D)04-2013 - Appointment of ED ad interim
ADB(D)03-2013 - SESAR Joint Undertaking Multiannual Staff Policy Plan 2014-2016
ADB(D)02-2013 on the Annual Activity Report 2012
ADB(D)01-2013 on Voting Rights
Annual Activity Report 2012
ADB(D)01-2012 on the allocation of voting rights to Board members
ADB(D)02-2012 on the appointment of the Board’s Vice-Chairperson
ADB(D)03-2012 amending decision ADB(D)10-2008 on Confidentiality, independence and the management of conflict of interest of the bodies of the SJU
ADB(D)04-2012 on the general provisions for implementing Article 43 of the Staff Regulations and articles 15 and 87 of the Conditions of employment of other servants of the European Community.
ADB(D)-05-2012 Mandate to the SJU to carry out an assessment on the extension of the operations of the SJU
ADB(D)06-2012 - SJU Multiannual Staff Policy Plan 2013-2015 and its annex
ADB(D)07-2012 - Amendment of the Administrative Board’s rules of procedure and its annex
ADB(D)08-2012 - Code of conduct for the SJU Administrative Board Members
ADB(D)09-2012 - SJU Annual Accounts 2011
ADB(D)10-2012 - Proposal to the EC on the SJU extension

ADB(D)11-2012 - Approval of the modification of the European ATM Master Plan - Download the Master Plan

ADB(D)12-2012 - Revised Budget 2012 - Annex
ADB(D)13-2012 on the Annual Work Programme 2013 - Main document - Annexes: I - II - III - IV - V
ADB(D)14-2012 on budget transfers between Titles and Chapters and Revised Budget 2012 – December 2012
ADB(D)15-2012 on Budget 2013 and its annexes: SJU Budget 2013 main document - Annex I - Annexe II
ADB(D)16-2012 on the annual accounts 2011 - Annexes: ECA report - SJU representation letter - Annual accounts 2011
Annual Activity Report 2011
ADB(D)01-2011 Adoption of the Annual Activity Report 2010 and the Annual Work Programme 2011 and Annexes:
Annual Activity Report 2010
Annual Work Programme 2011
Projects - planned delivery 2011
Programme financials
SJU Multi-annual Staff Policy Plan 2011-2013
Risk management report
ADB(D)-02-2011 New Voting Rights
ADB(D)-03-2011 Acceptance of Boeing as proposed Associate Partner of SELEX Consortium
ADB(D)04-2011 Decision on the report of the Executive Director on the selection of Associate Partners to the SJU + Annex (selected associated partners)
ADB(D)05-2011 Setting-up of the SJU Staff Committee
ADB(D)06-2011 Coordinated IAS Strategic audit Plan
ADB(D)07-2011 Annual Work Programme 2012 and Annexes: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
ADB(D)08-2011 Revised budget 2011
ADB(D)09-2011 Budget 2012 and Annex 1
ADB(D)10-2011 Third Amendment of the MFA
ADB(D)11-2011 Implementing rules to staff regulations
ADB(D)12-2011 Transparency and public access to SJU documents
ADB(D)13-2011 Annual accounts 2010 + Annexes A - B - C
Annual Activity Report 2009
ADB(D)_01_2010_Annual Work Programme 2010 and 2010-2012 main targets
ADB(D)_02_2010_Associate Partners of the SJU” and “Associate Partners of an SJU Member
ADB(D)_03_2010_ Transparency and public access to the documents of the Joint Undertaking
ADB(D)_04_2010_Adoption of the annual report
ADB(D)_05_2010_SJU organisation chart
ADB(D)_06_2010_write-off office equipment
ADB(D)-07-2010 New voting rights
ADB(D)-08-2010 Acceptance of proposed Associate Partners of SJU Members
ADB(D)-09-2010 Amendments to the Multilateral Framework Agreement
ADB(D)-10-2010 Vice Chairman appointment
ADB(D)-11-2010 Modification of SJU Internal Audit Arrangement
ADB(D)-12-2010 Appraisal of the Executive director of the SESAR Joint Undertaking
ADB(D)-13-2010 SJU Internal control standards for effective operation
ADB(D)-14-2010 Appointment of the Board’s Secretary
ADB(D)15-2010 SJU Ex Post Project Audit Strategy
ADB(D)-16-2010 Amendment to the SJU Financial rules
ADB(D)-17-2010 Charter of the Internal Auditor
ADB(D)-18-2010 Acceptance of proposed Associates Partners of SJU Members (second call)

ADB(D)-19-2010 SJU Annual accounts 2009 and annexes:

- Final annual accounts 2009
- Representation letter to Court of Auditors
- Report from the Court of Auditors
ADB(D)-20-2010 Revised Budget 2010

ADB(D)-21-2010 2011 Budget and Annual Work Programme 2011 and annexes:

- Annual work programme 2001
- Projects in execution phase
- Programme financials

ADB(D)-22-2010 Application of a new cost accounting method for Eurocontrol’s contribution to the SJU
ADB(D)_01_2009_ Amendment of the Administrative Board's rules of procedure
ADB(D)_02_2009_ Opening of 2 positions for seconded national experts
ADB(D)_03_2009_ Appointment of the SESAR Joint Undertaking's Accounting Officer
ADB(D)_04_2009_ Approval of the accession of 15 new members to the SESAR Joint Undertaking
ADB(D)_05_2009_ Approval of the model Membership Agreement
ADB(D)_06_2009_ Approval of the model Multi-lateral Framework Agreement
ADB(D)_07_2009_ Approval of the accession of 15 new members to the SESAR Joint Undertaking
ADB(D)_08_2009_ Modification of the model Membership agreements and the model Multi-lateral framework agreement
ADB(D)_09_2009_ Approval of the Agreement between EUROCONTROL and the SESAR Joint Undertaking and Schedule 13 of the Multi-lateral Framework Agreement
ADB(D)_10_2009_ Allocation of voting rights to Board members
ADB(D)_11_2009_ New premises of the SESAR Joint Undertaking
ADB(D)_12_2009_ SESAR Joint Undertaking rules on secondment of staff
ADB(D)_13_2009_ Arrangements concerning the SESAR Joint Undertaking's internal audit function f
ADB(D)_14_2009_ General Implementing Provisions on the procedure governing the internal selection to be carried out under article 2 oF Council Regulation (EC) N° 1361/2008 of 16 december 2008
ADB(D)_15_2009_ SESAR Joint Undertaking Multi-annual Staff Policy Plan 2010-2012
ADB(D)_16_2009_ SESAR Joint Undertaking Financial Rules
ADB(D)_17_2009_A Adoption of the European ATM Master plan
ADB(D)_18_2009_ Tracking aircraft and air transport management over remote areas
ADB(D)_19_2009_ Distribution of the Board's meeting documents
ADB(D)_20_2009_ Appointment of the Board's Secretary
ADB(D)_21_2009_ Charter of the SJU Internal auditor and Internal Audit Work Programme 2010
ADB(D)_22_2009_ Principles governing Members' cash contribution
ADB(D)_23_2009_ Revised 2009 budget
ADB(D)_24_2009_ Adoption of implementing rules to the staff regulations
ADB(D)_25_2009_ General implementing provisions on the procedure governing the engagement and the use of Temporary agents at the SESAR Joint Undertaking
ADB(D)_26_2009_ General implementing provisions on the procedure governing the middle management staff at the SESAR Joint Undertaking
ADB(D)_27_2009_ General implementing provisions on the procedures governing the engagement and the use of contract staff at the SESAR Joint Undertaking
ADB(D)_28_2009_ Adoption of the SJU Communication Plan 2010-2016
ADB(D)_29_2009_ Decision on the Report of the Executive Director on the award of the activities in the context of IBAFO2
ADB(D)_30_2009_ SJU Annual Accounts 2008
ADB(D)_31_2009_ 2010 Budget