• 14 of September, 2022
    09:30 > 17:30
  • Valkenburg airfield , Netherlands
  • Map

The SESAR Metropolis II project is organising a workshop and demonstration day on the 14 September at Valkenburg Airfield in The Netherlands. The aim is to present the outcomes of the project’s research into the U-space U3/U4 services that are needed to enable high-density urban aerial operations. The focus of the research has been on developing a unified approach to the following U-space services:

  • strategic deconfliction,
  • tactical deconfliction,
  • dynamic capacity management.

Attendees will have the opportunity to get an overview of the project, its design parameters, developed concepts, simulation results, and concept evaluation. Demonstration sessions will be conducted using actual drones and will showcase the most important research outcomes.