• 16 of November, 2022
    15:00 > 17:00
  • Online workshop
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The SESAR AICHAIN project is organizing a workshop entitled, “Improving air traffic management operations with machine learning collaboration on private data sets -> discussion of use cases of interest for the ATM stakeholders.

To achieve the goal of seamless information exchange and collaborative data value exploitation in the ATM community, and to be part of an intermodal transport network, the AICHAIN project has designed a novel solution where private data can be exploited effectively, in a cyber-secured way. The AICHAIN solution is a technology that enables privacy-preserving machine learning collaboration on private data sets to enable operational improvements in ATM. The solution consists of a combination of several privacy-enhancing technologies, such as federated machine learning and blockchain.

The project is organising three 2-hour workshop sessions to discuss this important topic and to identify use cases of interest that could be enabled with the AICHAIN solution.

Session 1: Tuesday 8 Nov, 10:00
Session 2: Wed 16 Nov, 15:00
Session 3: Thursday 24 Nov, 10:00

Workshop agenda:
Participants introduction & initial Q&A (10’)
AICHAIN Solution overview (30’)
Open Q&A (20’)
Use cases discussion (60’)

To register, contact:

Javier Busto: javier.busto@sita.aero  
Sergio Ruiz: sergio.ruiz@eurocontrol.int
Andre Rungger: andre.rungger@swiss.com

You can find attached additional information about the workshop as well as a teaser of the workshop slides with some technical details which will be further explained and discussed in the session with time for Q&A.