SESAR 3 JU founding member, EUROCONTROL, recently held a workshop with pilots from Novair and Airbus to explore the use of controller–pilot data link communications (CPDLC) to deliver trajectory-based clearances for the purpose of conflict resolution in high complexity airspace. The workshop aimed to validate if the cockpit procedures are feasible and acceptable, and to identify where additional awareness and training activities would be needed. This work is supporting the validation of the SESAR solution air/ground trajectory synchronisation via lateral and vertical complex CPDLC clearances to support TBO (PJ.18-W2-56) as part of the Horizon 2020 4DSkyways project, led of EUROCONTROL.

Why is it important for airspace users to collaborate in our projects? What operational challenges do they face in the cockpit? Which benefits do they foresee? Dirk de Winter of Airbus and Andreas Linner of Novair share their insights in this short video filmed during the workshop held at the innovation lab at EUROCONTROL in Brussels in early March 2022. A second workshop with pilots from Swiss is planned in May.