Validation Report for AIRE 3 OPTA-IN project.

The OPTA-IN project focuses on the development and demonstration of fuel efficient TMA procedures taking full advantage of aircraft RNP capabilities with current airspace and ground systems infrastructure. The project is considered as an integrated pre-operational demonstration for procedures to be followed by crew and ATCos in order to get the highest percentage of optimal descents in medium traffic densities and in the short to medium term. OPTA-IN was demonstrated in Palma de Mallorca’s TMA with more than 50 flights flown by a fleet mix of A320s, B738s and ERJ190s. The main tool used by ATCos was speed control supported by an automated tool which indicated - based on previously identified Speed Reduction Advisory Tables (SRAT) - the correct IAS to be assigned to consecutive aircrafts. The results showed that further analysis/studies should focus on the role coordination between en-route and TMA control has on the procedure; the opportunities Mode-S could deliver when implemented; the design of procedures readily available to the crew.