AeroMACS open day

  • 6th of July, 2018
  • Leonardo S.p.A. - via delle Officine Galileo n.1
    Campi Bisenzio - Firenze , Italy
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An open day on the Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communication System  (AeroMACS) was organised by the SESAR project PJ14 EECNS (Essential and Efficient Communication Navigation and Surveillance Integrated Sytems).

The workshop presented progress made on the PJ14-02-06 technological solution “Completion of AeroMACS“.

Hosted by partners, Leonardo, EUROCONTROL and Airtel, the open day featured a demonstration of prototypes developed in the context of the solution. Participants were able to:

  • Learn about the solution design and the use cases underpinning it;
  • Verify the level of integration of AeroMACS and ATN/OSI;
  • Discuss next stages of the solution.


AeroMACS Open Day
AeroMACS - Why is it important
Approaching the FCI
Moving towards the airport

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