Second SES/SESAR Airspace Architecture Study Workshop

  • 20th of November
    21st of November, 2018
  • Breydel Building, Avenue d'Auderghem 45
    Brussels , Belgium
  • Map

Building on the outcomes of the first SES/SESAR Airspace Architecture Study Workshop that took place in July, and the work performed since, the purpose of this second workshop was to present the key findings of the study, which aims to increase capacity and resilience in the European upper airspace.  Experts presented the link between the various bottlenecks and the corresponding potential solution space.

A high-level session took place on the afternoon of the 20 November, followed by a social event in the evening.

The workshop on 21 November did consist of two parts:

  • The first part covered the Airspace, Operations and Infrastructure Layers.
  • The second part covered the transition plan.

An interactive discussion between the panel and audience on the emerging recommendations and corresponding transition path concluded each part.

Pre-read material was distributed to all participants in advance to ensure effective and focussed panel discussions