SESAR 2020 Project PJ.14 EECNS Open Day

  • 23rd of October, 2019
  • Eurocontrol, 96 rue de la Fusée
    Brussels , Belgium
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An Open Day for the SESAR 2020 PJ.14 EECNS (Essential and Efficient Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Integrated System) communication solutions will take place on 23 October 2019 at EUROCONTROL’s Brussels headquarters.

The objective is to heighten visibility on the work being carried out - with special emphasis on the results that have already been achieved - for audiences interested in SESAR as well as the wider aviation community.

The focus will be on datalink applications and the operational benefits generated by the solutions for air navigation service providers, airspace users and the aerospace CNS industry.

EECNS will specify and develop the future technologies emerging from the CNS domains to support and manage future operational services, such as 4D trajectory management.

Performance requirements for CNS systems are becoming increasingly complex and demanding. They need to be considered as part of an integrated, holistic system of systems, one including air and ground CNS solutions, converging on a common infrastructure and a unified concept of operations, where possible.

The Future Communications Infrastructure (FCI) envisions an integrated air/ground and ground/ground network architecture for high-performance, secure datalink applications supporting modern ATM services for air safety and efficiency.

The air/ground (A/G) communication segment will be provided by three radio subnetwork technologies:

  • AeroMACS (airport surface)
  • LDACS (continental airspace)
  • SATCOM Class A.

It has been designed as a reference system for aeronautical communications using an ATN/IPS protocol suite. This system will support mobility in connected aircraft systems, and provide multilink capabilities over multiple A/G radio subnetworks with configurable policies. These datalink technologies will deliver the capacity, reliability and security needed for enabling the ICAO Performance Based Communication and Surveillance (PBCS) concept.

Draft Agenda:
1.    Summary of PJ14 COM activities (SESAR JU)
2.    14.2.4 FCI (Frequentis)
3.    14.2.6 AeroMACS (Leonardo)
4.    14.2.1 LDACS (Frequentis)
5.    14.2.2 SATCOM (TAS-I)
6.    14.1.1 EECNS (EUROCONTROL)
7.    Summary of benefits for operational stakeholders