• 24 of October, 2020
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Engage, the SESAR KTN, is organising its second workshop on ‘Vulnerabilities and global security of the CNS/ATM system’, on 10 November 2020.

The workshop aims to bring researchers, technical experts and end-users together to further the debate and understanding of the vulnerabilities of the current systems. The workshop will consider how associated risks may be mitigated and new technologies that could be applied in the next generation of systems in order to develop secure-by-design architectures and applications.

The outcomes of the workshop will help us better define the main research needs in CNS/ATM to move towards a cyber-resilient, fault tolerant, scalable, efficient and flexible system of systems, where data as an asset can be securely exchanged among stakeholders while respecting its confidentiality. These outcomes will also be included in our reference document on this topic.

Confirmed speakers for the event include Robert Westerberg (NATS, Strategic Threat and Risk Lead), Ruben Flohr (SESAR JU, Architecture & Systems Engineering), Yijun Yu (Senior Lecturer in Computing - The Open University) and Kanaan Abdo (SINAPSE Project manager and Chief Technology Officer at ALTYs), in addition to other expected industry speakers.