• 27 of May, 2021
    10:00 > 12:00
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Virtual/Augmented reality applications for tower - Solution PJ.05-W2-97.1

Open day (virtual)

The SESAR candidate solution PJ.05-W2-97.1 aims to support air traffic controllers by means of virtual or augmented reality applications in ATC tower environment. The technology involves the use of tracking labels, air gestures and attention control. It takes into account the work already performed during SESAR Wave 1 as well as in advances in HMI interactiveness.

An open day took place virtually on 27 May to present the initial outcomes of the first validation exercise on the solution. The focus on the exercise was on attention guidance for virtual and augmented reality applications that enables to monitor and guide the attention of the controller, by measuring and comparing controller reaction times, attention distribution (through an eye-tracker) and decision-making effectiveness for the situation to be solved.

During the open day, SESAR JU member, Royal NLR  demonstrated the attention guidance concept to potential stakeholders. The event offered the opportunity for participants to see the platform used for the validation and discuss with experts involved in the exercise. 

Agenda overview

  • Welcome 
  • Presentation of augmented reality attention capturing/guidance (SESAR PJ.05-W2-97.1)
  • Questions and discussion
  • Demonstration
  • Presentation of initial results
  • Final discussion
  • Closing remarks

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