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Please see below the latest information on four forthcoming Engage events, in late August and September 2021. Further details, including event programmes, will be updated on the Engage website (see under "Participate") as they become available. The three workshops are the final editions in series aligned with the Engage thematic challenges (TCs) - more information also on the Engage website. Each workshop will be exploring hot topics for research ideas that may be taken forward in future research programmes, such as SESAR 3. Registration links, with timings, for each free event are below. You will be sent a confirmation, but kindly be patient if there is a delay during staff leave.

Engage summer school 2021 (30 August - 02 September, inclusive)

In the final Engage summer school, we will hear from a stimulating range of maturing PhDs on potential applications for their research, coupled with discussions by an invited panel from industry. Topics include: flight prioritisation; weather prediction models; airline and airport ops centres; signal degradation and signal predictive processing; DCB hotspot detection; machine learning for traffic demand prediction and deconfliction. (Machine learning applications will be investigated in further depth in the workshop which follows immediately afterwards: see below). In addition, there will be a slot dedicated to future research horizons, a chance to hear about the SESAR Young Scientist Award and how the new Engage wiki and its teaching resources link to future opportunities for the SESAR Digital Academy. Contribute your views to the ideas for 2022 onwards.

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Machine learning, AI and automation in ATM (TC2 workshop, 03 September)

Three previous workshops of this thematic challenge (TC2) addressed different approaches to improve trajectory prediction and management through data-driven techniques. Whilst some of these approaches involved probabilistic methods and statistical signal processing, machine learning accounted for the majority of techniques pursued in TC2. At the same time, machine learning approaches are applied in other ATM application areas so that exploiting the synergies between these different application areas seems desirable. The objectives of this workshop are to bring together researchers from different Engage and SESAR Exploratory Research projects, and a selection of Engage PhDs, applying machine learning for trajectory prediction and also broader application areas, to identify best practices, similarities and synergies.

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Efficient provision and use of MET information in ATM (TC3 workshop, 09 September)

This workshop will explore meteorological and environmental topics requiring future research, development and community collaboration. The workshop will start with a panel discussion on MET and ENV topics requiring future developments from the scientific or technical point of view, inviting inputs from participants. A second panel discussion will then address the pathways needed to move from fundamental research to implementation, and how these can be improved.  We conclude the workshop with participants being invited to help identify elements needed in the future to facilitate this research domain (e.g. data sharing, common platforms, etc.), plus potential collaborations and shortening of the innovation pipeline. The discussion will draw on a poll taken in advance of the workshop - what research infrastructure and future research can we already propose?

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Vulnerabilities and global security of the CNS/ATM system (TC1 workshop, 15 September)

This workshop will first present the latest results from the Engage catalyst-fund projects, advancing the state of the art on pentesting platforms, assured telemetry for U-Space and collaborative cybersecurity management frameworks, followed by a discussion on the creation of a cyber-community and its networking needs, as we look towards SESAR 3. Subsequent discussion, moderated by industry experts, will be dedicated to future cybersecurity work, from research and solution life-cycle perspectives. This will be primed by the recommendations on cybersecurity for SESAR 3 produced by the SESAR 2020 Scientific Committee. The overall goals of the workshop are to identify what research infrastructure should be developed and what future research themes should be funded.

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