The SESAR Solutions Catalogue charts progress in developing the technological and procedural solutions needed for delivering the digital European sky. The publication contains 101 delivered solutions (reaching required level of maturity for industrialisation) addressing key areas of the ATM value chain, notably airport operations, air traffic services, network operations and the enabling infrastructure. As much as two thirds of the delivered solutions are now part of deployment plans at local and European levels, meeting the business needs and resulting tangible benefits in terms of performance.

The Catalogue also presents details of the ongoing research and innovation on 80 candidate solutions in SESAR 2020, and progress towards the vision of the digital European sky. Finally, the publication gives a flavour of what’s on the horizon thanks to promising innovations underway in all three strands of research (exploratory, industrial and demonstrations).

This Catalogue is a living document and will be updated as more solutions become ready for industrialisation and deployment within the framework of SESAR research and innovation.

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