• 29 of September, 2022
    10:00 > 15:00
  • SINTEF premises
    Oslo , Norway
  • Map

SESAR 3 JU partners ENAV, IDS AirNav and SINTEF organised an open day at SINTEF premises in Oslo, Norway, to give an insight into a validation exercise on dynamic airspace configuration taking place within the context SESAR projects Digital Network Management Services (PJ.09-W2 DNMS) and Separation Management and Controller Tools (PJ10-W2 PROSA). 

At the open day, guests had a chance to see a demonstration of tools developed by IDS AirNav and SINTEF supporting decision making and interaction between flow management positions (FMPs), supervisors and controllers in the air traffic flow management and dynamic airspace configuration processes. They also saw how these tools contribute to improve controllers' productivity and distribution of the workload. 

Attendees had a chance to visit a live trial and to attend presentations explaining the concept, tools and validations.    

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