This Implementation Plan constitutes the “Implementation view” or Level 3 of the European ATM Master Plan (MP). The Implementation Plan brings together and provides the framework for the commonly agreed actions to be taken by ECAC stakeholders, in the context of the implementation of SESAR. These actions are consolidated in the form of ‘Implementation Objectives’, addressing those elements in SESAR which have reached the necessary operational and technical  maturity and for which stakeholders have expressed a common interest in their operational introduction. Implementation Objectives address validated SESAR  Solutions and account for the existing (EU) regulations in ATM.

This zip file contains three documents:

1. New Implementation Objectives in 2022 Plan

2. European ATM Master Plan 2022

3. ATM MPL3 ImplementationPlan 2022 Technical Annex v2

Note: Pending SESAR 3 JU Governing Board approval