• 14 of December, 2022
    10:00 > 16:00
  • Virtual event
  • Map

Partners in the SESAR 3 JU project PJ.14 I-CNSS (Integrated Communication, Navigation and Surveillance System) are organising a joint virtual open day to showcase the following SESAR Solutions:  PJ14-W2-77 (FCI), PJ.14-W2-60, PJ.33-W3-02 (LDACS complement) and PJ.14-W2-107(SATCOM).

The event will address the results and concepts for the future communication infrastructure and how the data link technologies will support the needs of future ATM. Solution leaders Frequentis and Thales Alenia Space will build the framework. The event will be divided into two parts.

Part 1 will offer the audience an “executive” overview of the completed research and development, as well as explore high-level capabilities and the place of this research and development in global and local CNS/ATM strategies.

In Part 2, participants will be given an opportunity to get more details about the achievements and technical aspects of each of the solutions, each framed by open discussion on the given topic.