• SJU reference # 51 /Release 4
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This SESAR solution defines required navigation performance (RNP) transitions to localiser performance with vertical guidance (LPV) to enhance terminal operations. SESAR supports wider use of advanced RNP to enhance terminal area operations. SESAR’s advanced approach procedures with vertical guidance (APV) include the smooth transition from RNP arrival routes into RNP approach flight paths with barometric descent guidance that then transition to the LPV approach segment with geometric descent guidance. The transitions may include radius-to-fix (RF) turns that leave the aircraft aligned with the runway as close as three nautical miles (NM) before the threshold. From that point, the satellite-based guidance allows the pilot to descend safely down to a decision height of 200 ft which is equivalent to ILS Cat 1 minima. Advanced APV allows increased flexibility in planning arrival paths in terminal airspace, making it possible to design procedures that control the noise impact of the airport or reduce track miles to cut fuel consumption.

Enhanced terminal operations with RNP transition to LPV


  • Increased flexibility in the design of TMA route layouts and landing procedures, which result in fuel savings and reduced noise impact on the communities neighbouring the airport ƒ 
  • Increased predictability ƒ 
  • Improved safety