Within the context of SESAR 2020, the SESAR JU and its members have been working on two waves of industrial research projects, aiming to deliver more digital solutions to transform Europe’s ATM system.

In 2019, the first wave of SESAR 2020 industrial research projects came to a close, delivering a number of solutions (as part of Release 9) to the necessary level of maturity to make them available for pre-industrialisation (Technology readiness level 6 or V3).

In 2020, the second wave of industrial projects were kicked off, aiming to take forward the results from the first wave and focus on solutions that can bring the most benefits in terms of environment, capacity, safety and cost efficiency.

With a budget of 151 million, 15 projects (12 focusing on industrial research and three very large-scale demonstrations) aim to deliver a further 50 SESAR solutions.


SESAR Solutions refer to new or improved operational procedures or technologies that aim to contribute to the modernisation of the European and global ATM system. Each solution includes a range of documentation, including:

  • Operational services and environment descriptions
  • Safety, performance and interoperability requirements
  • Technical specifications
  • Regulatory recommendations
  • Safety and security assessments
  • Human and environmental performance reports

To deliver solutions for deployment, the SESAR JU and its members have built a process, known as the release process, whereby solutions are tested or validated in real operational environments including direct airport interfaces.

With validation sites across Europe, the SESAR JU and its members have taken R&I out of the lab and connected it with the real world.

Validations take place in simulation platforms, on board commercial flights, dedicated airport testbeds and air traffic control centres.

Exercises are not limited to a specific location, and can be used to test multiple environments, irrespective of the location where the physical validation is held.

To support and frame the operational and technological work, the programme also runs a series of transversal projects to ensure that the end-products fully fit with the SESAR vision and meet the necessary criteria.

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