• SJU reference # 110 /Release 5
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  • Benefits Safety
  • Status Available for industrialisation/deployment

The SESAR solution consists of the ADS-B ground station and the surveillance data processing and distribution (SDPD) functionality. The solution also offers mitigation techniques against deliberate spoofing of the ground system by outside agents. These techniques can also be used to cope with malfunctioning of avionics equipment. SESAR has contributed to the relevant standards, such as EUROCAE technical specifications, incorporating new functionalities developed for the ADS-B ground station, ASTERIX interface specifications as well as to the SDPD specifications.

This solution is implemented in Germany, France and Hungary and planned in Austria, Estonia, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal and the Slovak Republic.

SJU References: #110 Release 5


  • Enabler for surveillance infrastructure rationalisation


Download the entire datapack composed of 21 files bundled in three zip files: 1 - 2 - 3