• SJU reference # 114 /Release 5
  • Stakeholders
  • Benefits Cost-efficiency
  • Status Available for industrialisation/deployment

By allowing the use of ADS-B data that has been validated against data derived in parallel by a WAM system, the system can help to reduce the number of interrogations and number of replies and therefore reduce the 1030/1090 MHz radio frequency (RF) load and improve spectrum efficiency. It achieves this through the integration of validated data items into the WAM channel, thereby preventing a need to re-interrogate the data item.

Since the two surveillance layers share hardware components, the system offers improved cost efficiency. Furthermore, the use of the system contributes to an improved security by successfully mitigating associated ADS-B threats.

SESAR has contributed to the relevant standards, such as EUROCAE technical specifications for WAM and ADS-B that are implementing this “composite” concept.

This solution is implemented in Armenia, Austria and Latvia and planned in Denmark, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Poland and Romania.

SJU references: #114/Release 5


  • Improved cost efficiency
  • Improved security
  • Increased spectrum efficiency